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Educators' day

Sunday 16th September is Educators' Day.

Educators - whether professional schoolteachers, parents, club leaders or any other kind of teacher - are increasingly being required to teach programming skills to children, without the benefit of much experience of their own.

Our Educators' Day is dedicated to helping you become better and more confident in your teaching.

The Educators' Day has proven to be especially of value for teachers struggling to meet higher standards of digital competency, but all educators at all levels of experience are welcome.

About the sessions

Talks and workshops covering a wide range of topics and designed to address a wide range of needs will be hosted by experienced educators and programmers.

All equipment will be provided.

A formal certificate of completion will be issued to participants.

Support for teachers at PyCon UK

Since 2011, PyCon UK has established strong relations with teachers from across the UK.

Our Educators' Days, thanks to the efforts made by PyCon UK, the Raspberry Pi Foundation and other organisations and individuals, have made a real and enduring difference to teachers.

The Educators' Day exists for you. You're invited to bring your own concerns and questions.

Whatever your role, you'll find that people at the event have been in your position, understand the challenges you face and will be able to help you.


Conference tickets are available to attendees of the Education Summit at highly-discounted rates, with further discounts for those who will be paying for the tickets out of their own pockets.

Buy your Educators' Day tickets
All prices in this table include VAT at 20%.
VAT number: GB249244982.
Number of days 1 2
Employer-funded £78 £114
Self-funded £48 £66
All prices in this table exclude VAT at 20%.
VAT number: GB249244982.
Number of days 1 2
Employer-funded £65 £95
Self-funded £40 £55

We aim to make PyCon UK as affordable as possible.

Free and discounted tickets (and also financial grants to cover the costs of travel and accommodation) are available on application, through our financial assistance programme.

All those who would find the cost of attending the conference hard to afford are encouraged to submit an application.