PyCon UK

Call for proposals

We're ready for your proposals on any Python related topic.

We welcome proposals from everyone. You don't need to be an expert, or an expert speaker. Below you can find about what kind of proposals we're seeking, but if you're in any doubt whether you should, please see...

The call for proposals is open until 17:00 (Europe/London) on Friday, 7th June 2019. Selections will be published by 5th July.

If you need a little inspiration, have a look at the results from our Call for Suggestions earlier this year.


Speak to the wonderful PyCon UK audience! Most talk slots are around 25 minutes, with some longer slots available in the schedule.


Share something you know! Workshops are longer hands-on sessions with small groups. Most workshops will be between 90 and 180 minutes long.


Lead a code sprint to improve an open-source project! Whether it's new, old, simple or complex, if you'd like to find and work with collaborators to make it better, tell us about it so we can advertise it in advance.


Present your work on a poster! In one the of the lunchtime sessions, attendees will be coming to see all the posters and talk to the presenters about their work, projects and ideas.

Other ideas

Your idea goes here! If you have something Python-related that you'd like to share, we'd love to know about it.

The deadline for submissions is 17:00 (Europe/London) on Friday, 7th June 2019 - but don't leave it until then. Selections will be made by 5th July.

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