PyCon UK

Board games & manual technology

Sunday night 19.30-22.30, in the Lower Hall

A cash bar and wood-fired pizza company will be in attendance.

Board games

Last year's board games night was a great success.

The format's simple: just turn up (with or without a game or two that you think other people might enjoy) and play.

You don't have to be a games fiend to take part. It's for everyone, and it's for fun.

If you're planning to bring a game, you can let us know and we'll list it here.

Although games of any length and number of players are welcome, games of up to an hour with four or more players are encouraged so you can make new friends!

Hosted by Kirk Northrop

Manual technology

Knitting, knotting, crochet, macramé, weaving.

Here's your chance to knit your own PyCon UK scarf!

Like programming, these older manual skills are rule-based and involve mathematics, looping and following sequential instructions. Programmers who are introduced to them invariably find them intellectually fascinating and physically satisfying.

Some experienced crafters will be on hand. Whatever your level of experience - including absolutely none - you'll be welcome to join in, have a go, and sit around and chat while you do it.

Bring your own materials, equipment and expertise if you have them - but if not, they will be provided!

Hosted by Chloe Parkes and Georgina Allen


Pizza at the social events will be provided by Calabrisella, an extremely popular Cardiff Italian restaurant.

Their wood-fired oven will park outside at the front of City Hall.

Payment is possible by cash or cards.

  • Margherita £6.50
    tomato, mozzarella, basil
  • Cotto £7.00
    tomato, mozzarella, basil, ham, mushrooms
  • Vegana £7.00
    tomato, vegetables, no cheese
  • Ortolana £7.50
    tomato, mozarella, vegetables
  • Boss £8.00
    tomato, mozarella, pepperoni sausage
  • Calabrisella £8.00
    tomato, mozarella, 'nduja from Calabria, Italian sausage