PyCon UK

Venue Information

PyCon UK is held in Cardiff City Hall. We use conference rooms in both floors of the building.

This page has information about how to get around City Hall, including maps. You can see pictures of all the rooms on the City Hall website.

Ground floor map

First floor map


Cardiff City Hall has gendered bathrooms on both floors.

We know that not everybody who attends PyCon UK fits into the male/female categories. We have non-binary and trans attendees. Please use whichever bathroom you feel most comfortable with. If you see another attendee using a bathroom which doesn’t look right to you, please leave them be.

Accessible toilets

There are accessible toilets on the ground floor, on either side of the entrance to Lower Hall.

If you have specific needs, please contact City Hall.

Step-free access

From street level, there's a wheelchair lift that gives access to the ground floor. There's a lift between the ground floor and the first floor. The lift is to the right of the main entrance.

Every room except the Ferrier Hall has level access. There are steps at both entrances to the Ferrier Hall, with a stairlift at one entrance – wheelchair access to this room is trickier.

Quiet room

We have the Council Chamber for use as a quiet room throughout the conference (directly opposite the Assembly Hall). If you'd like a quiet space to get away from the hustle and bustle of the conference, it's a quiet space to sit and unwind.

Help desk

If you need any help during the conference, please speak to one of the conference committee (wearing an orange lanyard), or come to the help desk on the ground floor.

Parking in Cardiff

There is no public parking outside City Hall itself.

If you need to park nearby for mobility reasons, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

For other parking, we suggest you pre-book via NCP Cardiff, or make alternative arrangements.

First Aid

If you need First Aid or other medical assistance during the conference, please contact the help desk.